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Good afternoon, Evgeny. Many thanks for rest. All passed remarkably. Greetings to Nadezhda, we will miss. Let's surely return. Places are just tremendous. Thanks and prior to a meeting.

Tatyana and Alexander, village of Yuvalaksha (Lake Top Kuito, Northern Karelia), June-July, 2018. It is more than photo in a heading of Fotogallery.


Fishing on Pyaozero. Pyaozero - perhaps, the most popular lake of Northern Karelia. Annually there come thousands of tourists in search of the treasured trophy: bull-trouts, paliya, grayling, whitefish. Kumsky's nature leaves nobody indifferent: transparent tasty water, pines, rocks. Real North! :)

Description of a lodge: A fishing log hut with a bath - for rest and fishing of group up to 5-6 people, in 12 km from the cape Burnt, near the islands of Maya, Vuoshkaloshari. Inside: the oven, the gas stove a table with ware, plank beds for a dream with mattresses, blankets, pillows. Tourists take sleeping bags with themselves! On the bank of the lake - a bath. Fishing: a pike (spinning), a perch, a grayling, a whitefish (a float, a spinning), a paliya and a bull-trout (a spinning - trolling).
Scheme of the organization: if you come by train, then we will organize a transfer of Loukhi - Pyaozersky - Loukhi. In the settlement of Pyaozersky there is an opportunity to buy products, fuel and lubricants and also to leave cars under protection. Or it is possible to leave cars on the bank of Pyaozero, on the cape Burnt where previously we will organize a transfer, and from where a transfer on a log hut on water. If necessary we provide the boat with the weak motor.

Cost of rent of the house (summer of 2021): 3500 rubles a day from group to 4 people. From above - 4000 rubles a day from group. Additional services (the parking of the car, transfers, lease of the snowmobile, the generator, the boat, including with the motor) are paid separately.

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