Отдых и Рыбалка в Карелии

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Zhenya!!! Thanks to you huge for the organization! We it is excited! Many human thanks! To you and Genya! And hi to you huge from all our! Already we make plans for the next year.

Maria, a travel on the forest lake, August, 2018.


Light day in Karelia becomes longer, approach of spring, and there not far off and is felt summer. Means, it is time to make plans for the main rest of year.

The vacation can be spent, for example, as Vadim and the company. They had a rest on Topozero, the island of Taraskin, in August, 2018: "Were at you the second time and, we hope, not the last. Stormed this time only one day, rains were practically not. Berries gathered much, did tincture, pie on a fire and fruit drink. On graylings fish soup was, on smoking was, baked fish in a foil. Most of all the nature and silence pleased", - Vadim wrote.

If you plan the nature and silence for summer too, then Karelia for this purpose – is ideal;)